Playing Fields. Social and Leisure amenities in Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estate.

Residents have access to amenities that are designed for the entire family to use. The outdoor setting provides an ideal backdrop to reconnect with family and friends.

river park

River Park

A nature park through which a small river runs, it is designed to provide an intimate experience with nature.

club 22

Club 22

Overlooking the green of Hole 22, this village clubhouse is a perfect setting for residents to mingle or spend leisure time with their family. It will provide food and beverage from Chef Joseph Goh's Kitchen.

the big lake

The Big Lake

One of the most breathtaking vistas of Sta. Elena, the Big Lake is also a place for fishing and boating.

fairway park

Fairway Park

Right along the fairway of Hole 16, this adult park is designed to provide a place to exercise or stroll in a forest setting. Along a 500-meter forest trail are outdoor exercise equipments and benches.

banahaw club house

Banahaw Club House

This village clubhouse is set in an exotic garden surrounded by pools and ponds. There is a 4-storey tower from where one could rise above the entire Banahaw enclave.

children's playground

Children's Playground

Laid with a plaint rubbery surface for safety, this playground is designed to teach kids play Filipino games such as piko, tumbang preso, patintero and agawan base. Colorful blobs of cement structures emerge from the ground to create spaces for hiding.

Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate's amenities and services are exclusive to its residents and golf
members. The use of amenities can also be availed through proper endorsement from a golf
member or resident. For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us today.