Pure Delight
Pure Wonder
Pure Joy
Pure Peace
Pure Love
Pure Bonding

Your quick nature escape from your fast-paced, highly stressful lives. It is here, where you will find peace, relaxation, a way of slowing down and connecting with family and friends, within a nature sanctuary. It is here, where you experience the beauty of the outdoors in a luxurious and comfortable environment. It is here, where you will discover

The Nature Of Pure Living


Prime residential real estate within a golf course of international pedigree. The Sta. Elena
golf course is a Golf Digest Top 100 golf course. Amenities include the Sta. Elena Golf
Club, Banahaw Clubhouse and Club 22, with F&B from the multi-awarded kitchen of the
Golf Club's Chef Joseph Goh.


Our Amenities

Connect with family and friends
while you enjoy outdoor
settings. Find your soul space.

World Class Cuisine

At the exclusive Veranda of the
Golf Club, Sta. Elena offers
delicious Asian and a bit of western
comfort food.

Locate Sta. Elena

A quick 40-minute drive from
Makati's CBD, into a natural
sanctuary for families.